12 Jun

The Best Flooring Ideas for Inviting Entryways!

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Entryways and inviting? We doubt it! This is the part of your house that almost begs you for attention. The high-traffic zone that everyone comes across while entering your home is actually often treated like a forgotten space. But don’t you think your entryway should be the most inviting place in the entire home? And if we avoid the muddy entrances and the dirt that it sees first, a nice entryway actually provides a gorgeous first impression of the interiors. So, let’s talk about beautifying it today concentrating on the floors – the surface that tolerates all the footfall.

Top flooring options for gorgeous entryways!

Mostly, you or your guests just enter the house through the main door via the entryway. And if you are looking for the best flooring options to spruce up this section, then read on.

  • Cement tiles are great — Cement tiles are considered as one of the best options for your entrances. These are super tough, they don’t absorb the dust or puddle that comes from outside. So, these are pretty easy to clean as well. And what’s more, you get these in attractive designs to enhance the beauty of the space.
  • Black and white tiles are eternal — If you want to create a classical appeal in your entryway, then you can always choose the black and white combination for space. Tiles in these color combinations never go out of style. You may even choose monotone prints keeping the color scheme intact. Or create a chequerboard pattern using solid tiles. For installing these in your home in Auckland tiler from Bathroom & Tiling. Their team’s excellent work speaks of their incredible job in creating fantastic homes and renovations apart from tiling the floor perfectly.
  • Paint the extension — If you have a hardwood floor installed in your home and you are scared that the entryway with this floor is going to get damaged easily, then you have the option to paint this floor. The hardwood surface would be almost hidden by a nice and inviting paint that would provide a protective coating.
  • Concrete is the toughest — Maybe a better option than tiles, concrete is the toughest flooring suitable for your entryway. It is easy to install and lasts long, and it is also very convenient to maintain it and it is non-slippery as well.
  • Beach pebble floor tile — Another great option for your entryway if you live in an area that sees a lot of moisture or ice is the beach pebble floor tile. Just as the name says, these pebble details exude unique aesthetics. The main advantage of installing these is that they are non-slippery and prevent lots of falls especially when the weather is wet or icy.

We think you are now spoiled with choice when it comes to your entryway flooring options. Just ensure to keep the weather conditions and your décor theme in mind when selecting the designs.

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