26 Aug

All You Need To Know About Antique Carpet Cleaning


If you’re planning to clean an antiquated carpet, then you should know that using a Laundromat is a really bad idea. The main reason is that antique carpets which are mostly made of wool have frail threadworks and fragile dyes. That’s why you first need to assess if the carpets are modern, neo-classic, or antique and clean them accordingly. And depending on how old the carpet is, how fragile it is, you can have the same cleaned accordingly. Just check out the information on how to clean carpets and if they happen to be modern, then the best idea would be to go in for steam cleaning. 

  • Do not attempt to do it on your own – When it comes to cleaning antique carpets like your antique Turkish rug or even your grandmother’s pashmina shawl, it’s always a good idea to use a reputed carpet cleaner in Alexandria. One of the reasons is that antique carpets contain fragile thread work, weak dyes and you’re bound to damage it permanently, handling it on your own. And you never, ever try to clean an antique carpet or an old shawl by stuffing it in your washing machine. And you certainly need to stay away from powerful detergents as well as Bleach.
  • Avoid home cleaning antique carpets – Few offer the option of cleaning the carpets at your home, using the facilities present in your home. A carpet cleaner may offer you the option to save on space and time. But it would be a mistake since home cleaning does not provide for adequately cleaning, rinsing, or drying the carpets. And do remember that inadequately dried carpets can lead to rot and mildew infestation. And that’s why you need to take your antique carpets to professional cleaners.
  • Do not rub stains into the carpet: This has happened to everyone and chances are, it must have to you as well. So what do you do when you spill liquid on a carpet? Use a towel and rub off the stain? Nope, that’s the wrong thing to do where antique carpets are concerned. It can help push the stain further in, amongst the fragile threads and dyes. Instead, you use a napkin, towelettes, or a piece of paper to gently blot it up. You can purchase heavy-duty blotting napkins at a local store. And remember, scrubbing or using any form of pressure is a bad idea where antique rugs, carpets, or even shawls with intricate designs are concerned.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals on these carpets: It is never a good idea to use store-bought detergents to wash down your antique carpets. First and foremost, these detergents are composed of harsh chemicals and tend to be quite corrosive as well. Moreover, even if you had used these chemicals as a stopgap measure, they often tend to remain buried within the fibers long afterward. This can have a lasting impact on the carpet itself. And that’s all the more reason, as to why you need to select professional carpet cleaners as opposed to handling it on your own.
  • Pet stains – Do not try to scrub or rub any pet stain. Granted, you’re bound to have a pet that decides to relieve itself on the carpet. You can imagine the scenario, right? Under these circumstances, it’s a good idea to head to professional cleaners. Before that, try to blot up as much of the liquid as you possibly can.

These are some essential tips that you must follow when it comes to cleaning antique carpets.

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