10 Aug

Alarm Setup for Security Camera Remote Monitoring Software

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Hi, everyone. Mike here from CCTV Camera Pros. This video will show you how to set up remote monitoring software to view our security cameras in Auckland system. It will also display a popup video to allow you to see the actual event. Remote monitoring software for Windows and Mac that is included with the Viewtron system allows you to monitor multiple NVRs and DVRs.

Let’s suppose you have a view of a location but that something has happened in another location. You want to be notified. To see what’s happening, you can set the system up to display that camera or multiple cameras from that system. Let’s have a look. Here is the Viewtron remote monitoring program that I have installed on my Mac. It can be connected to two systems. One at home, and one at work. These are the four camera views I have.

This camera is monitoring our front door. That’s where I created an intrusion area that will set the alert. You can see the intrusion zone that I have drawn by clicking on resource management. This is an AI security camera that I’ve set up to detect people when they pass through the zone. The next step is to go to the alarm centre and select channel intrusion detection. This will allow me to choose the camera I want to install. Now I will make sure that the front door camera pops up. This will be the camera that appears and you need to turn it on. After pressing OK, I will set the schedule to 24 by 7.

This was already set up. If it wasn’t, click apply to make it happen. Next, go to local configuration and select the auto-shutdown page. You can then set the popup to shut down automatically in between 5 seconds and 2 minutes, or manually. Because I only want to show one camera when the alarm goes off, I will choose one screen. After clicking apply, I go back to my home surveillance camera system.

I am at the office right now. I will walk through the intrusion zone at my front door in a matter of minutes. The monitoring software will alert me and show you the view from that camera. The intrusion detection popup is now on and it’s set to 10 seconds. After the alarm detection has stopped after 10 seconds, the system will return to the original view, which was my home system.

Next, I’ll put it on the office view and repeat the process. This will show that even though you are monitoring the system where it is, it will still alert you via the popup window. Again, I will walk out to that area and it will pop up again to the single camera view. This will stay for 10 seconds. It will then return to the live view from the office security camera system.

This video was helpful, guys. The Viewtron software was for Mac, but it is identical to the Windows software. Both the Windows and Mac versions use the exact same software. The AI security camera I used had an intrusion zone installed at our front door. But you can also use standard video motion from our BNC cameras to create a popup alarm. You can also set up vehicle detection.

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