25 Mar

7 Speed Cleaning Tips From A Professional House Cleaner


These speed cleaning tips will help you remember the simple things that can be overlooked when you are trying to clean your home in a hurry.

#1 – Make a plan.

You should create a plan that outlines your actions, including where you’ll start and what you want accomplished on each day. You will save time by not having to go back and retrace steps. You might consider making a list and then checking off each item as you go.

#2 – Make sure you have all the tools necessary.

All the tools and cleaning products you will need are available.

Here are a few things I recommend buying:

A good apron should have pockets. This includes a cleaning and gardening apron or a gardening and tool apron.

A cleaning tray or cart

You are more organized, the better. When you are done using things, make sure to put them back in the right place. This will ensure that everything is neat and tidy, and that you know exactly where to find them the next time you need them.

#3 – Start from the top.

It can save you time by cleaning from the top to bottom.

#4 – Time your self.

Another way to cut down on time is to set a time limit for different house cleaning tasks. This will ensure that you don’t get distracted by one little task and waste too much time on it, or lose sight of the bigger picture.

#5 – Don’t clean it if it’s not dirty

Don’t clean anything if it isn’t dirty. Do not clean everything simply because it is there. This is an easy way to save time, since you won’t have to clean every item in your home when there are enough.

#6 – Use a mop by hand to clean floors

Although it sounds difficult, mopping floors by hand is easy and quick. You will need a small bucket of water and a rag. This saves time as you can also wipe the baseboards simultaneously.

#7 – Pay attention and be aware of your surroundings

You will be less likely break items if you pay attention to what’s around you while you clean. It’s easy to trip on something or bump into something while vacuuming.

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