15 Jun

6 Tiled Backgrounds for a Classy Looking Fireplace!

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There was a time when you saw the fireplace is the most neglected part of the house. You never even painted the wall around it or even considered repairing it for that matter. But today, a fireplace can be a focal point of your home décor. And the best feature that enhances the beauty of your fireplace and makes it impressive, is the wall around it. So, remember, when you are choosing the right material for a fireplace wall, it should be tough and long-lasting and not to forget very beautiful to look at. We consider tiles as the most suitable and the best material.

Some tile trends to follow for a magnificent-looking fireplace!

While you are researching the best tile suppliers in Melbourne, remember Ceramic Tile Imports. They provide a plethora of options in the best quality material and that too at reasonable rates. You can pick up one of these tiles for the walls around your fireplace for impressive results.

  • The classy patterned tiles — Want to create an eye-catching fireplace in your house? Go for patterned tiles for the wall around it. These are available in various types of geometrical patterns or bold florals or even in a 3D effect. The result is always a spectacular border around the burning fire that really captivates you from a distance.
  • Go black in granite — Black granite tiles are one of the best choices for fireplace walls. They tend to create a fantastic look when the fire is burning and immediately catches the eye of the beholder. Even if the fire isn’t on, just the very presence of black granite in this area looks impressive.
  • The rustic-styled tiles — Do you want to create a very homely and cosy feeling in your home? Then go for rustic stone or pebble-themed tiles. They don’t just look alluring in the place, but also provide an old-world charm to the house.
  • The wooden frame around the fireplace — Wood looks so very natural around the fireplace. So, if you are getting tiles that resemble timber around the fireplace, it looks perfectly awesome
  • Marble for a timeless feel — Marble is eternal. It definitely looks perfect around the fireplace. And you can create the same effect by choosing marble-themed tiles for the wall around your fireplace. It looks classy and is long-lasting plus totally glamorous.
  •  Mixing styles — It is not necessary to only concentrate on only one type of tile around your fireplace. You can even create a boho style impact around this place by mixing 2 different types of tiles. You can either go for contrasting shades of black and white or simply opt for opposite geometric design, the effect would be fantastic.

These tile trends around the fireplace are here to stay. So, you can style this space with them in your house and enjoy the perfectly fascinating look for years to come. 

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