22 Apr

5 reasons your Water Fed Pole Cleaning System isn’t delivering results like it’s supposed to!

Long gone are those days when a set of ladders were the standard tool used for cleaning windows, be it at your home or any commercial building. Nowadays though you are most likely to see that a window cleaner is working from the safety of the ground. And yes, he will be holding something like a telescopic pole, that seems to be doing all the work. It’s nothing wrong to wonder — does this water fed pole system actually work?! After all, with this, the windows are just left to be cleaned and dried naturally, and it’s against the very basic theory of cleaning with water.

But, as weird and surprising as it may be, this cleaning system has been accepted by many of the window cleaning professionals as the industry standard. But, there are cases when the users complain about the water fed pole system not bearing satisfactory results. And by this we imply watermarks, residual streaks, inconsistent cleaning etc. But you need not fret, as we are here to point out the very mistakes you might be doing. And once these are put in place, you are bound to be satisfied with water fed pole window cleaning. Full Clean Centre is the best place you can get your hands on the best of cleaning equipment. This includes everything from squeegees to soaps and liquids to T-bars to water fed poles and lot more at the best of prices.

Top reasons why you are experiencing poor cleaning results

To be honest, the idea behind window cleaning poles is quite fantastic, and when the system is set up and used properly, it delivers exceptional results. So, if there are problematic or unsatisfactory results, then the fault lies in other variables, and not necessarily the system. These variables may be any one of the following six factors. So, being informed about these will help you sort out all the issues that you may be experiencing.

  1. Water purity: Window cleaning equipment like water fed poles are designed to use pure or near pure water. Using water that has purity levels close to 000 PPM (Parts per Million) makes sure that you receive the best of results. If you are being offered poor results, once the windows have dried, it may be because of the purity factor. You could, thus, give the water a check for purity before and after it’s transferred to the pole.
  2. Poor technique: Just like any other process or job, water fed cleaning system also requires one to engage in the proper techniques for perfect results. Failure to follow the correct procedure will lead to obvious unsatisfactory results.
  3. Rinse: This may be one of the sub parts of the correct technique factor, but its importance owes it some separate attention. Lack of proper rinsing is one of the most common causes behind the poor cleaning results. Pure water converts into impure water when splashed onto a dirty window. And if this impure water isn’t rinsed and cleaned off immediately, it dries up, leaving behind dirty marks.
  4. Soap residue: But, there are times when even after taking care to follow the correct procedure and well rinsing, there are streaks left on the windows when dry. This can be traced down to culprits like soapy or detergent residues left behind on the glass or in behind the window seals. Prevent such issues by going for thorough good cleanings, and extra brushing and rinsing.
  5. Window vents: Window vents can turn out to be problematic in absence of proper care and attention. Window vents are placed above windows, and needless to say, are full of dirt. Spraying water into these vents will cause the dirt running down long after you are done cleaning the window. So, it’s best to keep the jets well away from the window vents.

So, these are some of the main problems that you may face while trying to clean a window using water fed pole system. Once you learn to keep these out of the way, nothing can stop you from experiencing the best of results. You will be greeted with the sight of sparkling clean windows each and every time.

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