14 May

5 most common mistakes you need to avoid when cleaning with your squeegee!

The squeegee has continued to be underestimated but one of the biggest staples of the window cleaning industry. Most people might imagine squeegees to be those dirty, both sided, cleaning tools found in the hanging mop buckets of cleaners. But, they are much more than that. They are one of the most useful tools for cleaning glass or any flat surface, for that matter. It first emerged in the 18th century and was used by sailors to scrape the decks of their ships. Since then, it has come a long way and now is being used by every window cleaner ever to clean every single window around the world. So, having said all of that, we thought we would take it upon ourselves to tell you a bit more about squeegees and what definite mistakes you could avoid to make the best use out of yours.

Though there are no real secrets to using this tool, the magic word is basically to practise, practise, and practise some more. Practise is the key, when squeegee is your weapon and dirty windows are your opponent. The learning curve can be pretty steep, as simply pulling down the squeegee to whisk away the water will only result in streaks and patches. And of course, along with the following tips, a whole load of practice, you also need the correct equipment. By that we mean, you need an appropriate, good quality window cleaning squeegee. Window Cleaning Online is where you shall get one. They are the number one supplier of all kinds of window cleaning equipment all over Australia and offer their products at the best prices.

Steer clear of the following five mistakes when you are using your squeegee:

You have slipped into your cleaning outfit, you have strapped onto your gear, you have checked on all your window cleaning supplies, and finally you are all prepared to take on the huge, glass surface that stands in front of you. This is the portrayal of an everyday routine for professional window cleaners, are you one of them? So, achieving a sparkling clean window is your aim, and nothing less than a clean, streak free work shall do for you. You set out with your squeegee in hand, and once you do the cleaning, you might be presented with two outcomes. You could either be standing back admiring your perfect cleaning efforts, or you could be frustrated at all the spots, streaks and far from perfect windows you left behind. If it’s the latter, well, here’s where you went wrong:

  • Excess detergent: You shouldn’t be assuming that more the detergent, the better as it’s completely wrong. The right amount of detergent will ensure you have a smooth surface to work with, and will clean all the dirt and grime faster and better. Excessive detergent will slow the work rate; leave behind streaks and dirty results.
  • Too much pressure: More pressure doesn’t definitely lead to better cleaning. You just need to place the squeegee on the glass, move it across, and let it do its job. Applying unnecessary pressure shall tire out your hand, and leave streaks behind.
  • Wrong angle: The next thing that you need to keep in mind is to hold the squeegee at the right angle. You should hold it in such a way that there’s a distance of around 7 cm between the glass surface and the base of your squeegee handle. Anything more or less than that is not desirable.
  • Not replacing rubber: Also, most people often commit mistakes of not replacing the rubber of their squeegees more often. The rubber edge of this tool is good for a solid 4-6 hours of continuous use, but after that it needs replacement. Using the same rubber edge will slow down your work and cause streaks.
  • Not creating dry zone: You need to remember to create a dry zone at the left and along the top of the window frame. This will allow you to use a dry squeegee over dry glass every time you go for a new stroke. Also, give your squeegees a quick wipe before you place it in the dry zone.

So, these were the top five rookie mistakes that all of us tend to make but should avoid at all costs. Window cleaning is a simple, technical process and keeping the above in mind, shall deliver you perfect results each and every time.

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